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Pinnacle is one of the leading online bookmakers operating today. They focus on educating their customers so they get more serious and competitive players who recognise the finer points of what they have to offer. By entering our exclusive Pinnacle Vip Code you can gain access to all of this and start betting right away!

Education is the key selling point of Pinnacle Sports, because it means that users really get to know how the world of Pinnacle works and the industry leading odds they offer.

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How to use the Pinnacle Vip Code?

Registering at Pinnacle is very straightforward. Just enter our exclusive VIP code to gain access to all the great odds, resources and promotions that Pinnacle have to offer..

First of all, go to the home page and click ‘Open Account’. This will bring you to the registration page below. Enter your basic details as listed – name, contact details and importantly the currency you wish to bet in.

The next screen will ask you to create a password and security question for your account, and the final screen will require completing a CAPTCHA code to prove you are not a robot and choosing whether you want to be receive offers, competitions and exclusive content to your inbox.

You also have a final box where you can list how you heard about Pinnacle or enter the Pinnacle Vip Code – here you can enter VIPMAX to gain full access to Pinnacle.

What Makes Pinnacle Sports Different?

Pinnacle Sports is not an ordinary bookmaker. They have chosen a different approach and the benefits for choosing them are considered very attractive on the long run. In the following table, we have summarised the main advantages that we have identified at Pinnacle.

  • Pinnacle Benefits
  • Benefits Description
  • Best Value for Odds
  • Get access to the best odds and payouts
  • Winners are Welcome
  • Successful players are not restricted or banned
  • Good Reputation
  • Good reviews from bettors from all over the world
  • Highest Limits
  • You can bet more than on other bookmakers
  • Arbitrage Friendly
  • The only bookmaker that welcomes arbitrage bets
  • Betting Articles
  • Useful resources, like articles and guides, to help you make an educated bet
  • Pinnacle VIP Code

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Many sportsbooks tend to tamper with, limit and even shut down the accounts of overly successful players. This takes place through a variety of subtle and sneaky methods to ensure that once a user finds an effective method or is just on a great win streak they don’t burn the sportsbook for too much money. Pinnacle puts a large amount emphasis on their policy of welcoming winners to their site.

This means no limits on the stakes that can be applied, even after winning multiple big jackpots.

Why do they do this? Pinnacle explains exactly why – we’re going to break it down into simple terms for you here.

Pinnacle Sports

As you probably know, Bookmakers make most of their money by creating margins with the odds they offer. This margin varies quite a bit across various bookmakers. Pinnacle tend to offer relatively low margins in general. This aligns with the rest of their strategy for attracting players on different lines to the average boomaker.

Firstly, Pinnacle like to focus on maximising bet volume. Removing profitable players doesn’t help this goal. They also encourage higher betting volume offering some of the highest betting limits out there. For the FIFA World Cup Final in 2016 they actually offered a betting volume limit of over 1 million dollars. This was unheard of in the sportsbook industry at the time.

Finally, by using this model of focusing on higher betting volume and competitive players, they are able to make their margins smaller. Instead of offering unrealistically good odds,and just putting a large margin on those odds, they offer more considerate odds with conditions that benefit players who understand how those conditions work – hence a large amount of promotional material to improve the level of their players and help them recognise when odds are actually very much in their favour. We’ll be going into the educational aspects of Pinnacle later in this review.

Pinnacle Rating

As we briefly discussed above, Pinnacle tend to offer relatively low margins. The industry average of margins added to the odds is around 6%, while Pinnacle offer an average of 2%. Once commissions are factored in, Pinnacle’s odds often beat exchanges as well.

So, why does Pinnacle do this? It leads to more long term players since the players are incentivised as there are not extreme ‘lure’ odds balanced with unfavourable ones, but more balanced odds overall. Pinnacle also offers such good odds because it allows them to offer big payouts. They are consistently rated as number 1 for payouts on major odds comparison websites like Pinnacle are also consistently ranked number one for payouts for soccer as well.

Pinnacle Odds

Pinnacle offer the highest bet limits anywhere in online betting. In the recent world cup final in Brazil they offered bets of up to $1,000,000 – with no limits on how many times that bet could be made.

This is totally unprecedented in the online betting world – no one else even comes close. The fact that the limits are so high is a very good sign that bettors feel comfortable using large amounts of money with Pinnacle.

Today Pinnacle offer bets on football that aren’t quite as high as 1 million but are still consistently the highest in the online betting industry. On match days these rates rise much higher. If you are confident in your ability and have some serious money to bet then this means there is no holding you back once you find a winning angle.

Pinnacle advertise the fact that they are ‘arbitrage friendly’. But what does this mean?

First of all, let’s discuss what arbitrage means in betting. It’s about using different odds from different bookmakers. Done correctly, this can guarantee a profit. Understandably, many sportsbooks don’t like this, as it brings money to competing casinos and affects the bottom line. The reason there are different odds from different bookmakers can vary. Sometimes the bookmakers simply vary in opinion, sometimes they add a different margin of their own, and sometimes they simply take a specific position on a bet. It’s also sometimes the case that bookmakers miss the ball and either make a mistake or are too slow to change the odds based on new information that other bookmakers spot and adapt to.

Many players work with arbitrage because there are great deal of online bookmakers right now. Players scroll through the odds on various sites and develop a strategy to find a worst case scenario where they still make money.

Pinnacle Arbitrage

The reason Pinnacle welcome arbitrage is the same reason for a lot of their other unconventional positions: they focus on bet volume, rather than bet motivation. They are also a major and well established bookmaker and list their confidence in the competence of their traders to not list the wrong odds (which is one of the biggest causes of arbitrage that result in bookmakers losing money). This is a smart tactic, as Arbitrage players are often unable to find one bookmaker they are able to stay with in the long term as they find their accounts get suspended – and there are a lot of arbitrage players out there, because let’s face it, arbitrage is an effective tactic. The fact that Pinnacle offers very competitive odds means that they are featured in a lot of arbitrage listings.

Pinnacle’s emphasis on bettor volume rather than bettor motivation means no account restrictions and no subjective limitations for arbitrage players. If you are an arbitrage player then Pinnacle could very well be one of the best options online right now – they do not fear being the losing casino in an arbitrage deal, and even if it doesn’t work out for them, they commit to not penalising players who take advantage of any mistakes they might make. Use the exclusive Pinnacle VIP Code now to gain access to all of this.

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Pinnacle Sports Betting

The fact that Pinnacle offers the highest limits on bets is a big deal when it comes to sports betting. It means that if you know the way around a sport and know your stuff then you can get much bigger wins.

The betting limit works by offering very high bets with no time limit on the bet, essentially allowing you to bet an infinite amount. At the same time, minimum bet amounts are very low which allows you to experiment and learn the ropes – or just bet for fun.

The range of different types of sports bets available at Pinnacle is on par with any other online sportsbooks in the industry. With the exception of Horseracing, all major sports are present at Pinnacle Sports. With the Pinnacle VIP Code you can have access to them all.

In the ‘Specials’ section of Pinnacle Sports you can find a variety of unusual options to book on. For example the entertainment section offers betting on popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Shark Tank. Also on offer is Crossfit, Athletics and eSports.

The live In-Play section is also very well built out. It includes all the major soccer tournaments as well as MLB and US games in Baseball and some eSports such as Counterstrike: Global Offensive. This allows you to see what’s going on and adjust your betting in real-time.

Pinnacle eSports

Pinnacle Sports recently won the eSports operator of the year award. They do a great deal regarding eSports and offer great odds in this growing category. The Pinnacle VIP Code will gain you access to a whole new world of betting in one of the most promising areas of online betting today.

Pinnacle Esports

Esports are online computer games that offer big cash prizes to the winners, often totalling in the millions. Quite often it’s team based games that give out the biggest payouts, ranging from classic team shooters like Counterstrike to more modern fantasy titles like World of Warcraft and League of Legends. League of Legends is currently one of the most played games in the world and is one of the main eSports games out there. Pinnacle Sports have recognised this and invested a lot of time to make League of Legends and games like it easy to bet on.

Pinnacle Sports have done this by getting the excitement of betting on live sports betting and carrying it over into eSports. By promoting and providing details on upcoming tournaments and providing live odds on the games it’s just like any other sporting event.

The head of Sportsbook is a huge eSports fan and is responsible for Pinnacle’s initial foray into the genre, with the first esports betting market going online in January 2010. Since then, Pinnacle have had over five million bets taken on eSports alone and have risen to become a global leader in eSports betting as well as traditional Pinnacle Sports categories like baseball and soccer.

In fact, because most betting at the time was non-financial, the booking team initially offered odds that were not as sharp as Pinnacle Sports tend to offer for more traditional sports. This is what led to the first bets coming in. Pinnacle tends to focus on acquiring the sharpest bettors possible and not penalising them for winning and this approach is what sets them apart from most other bookmakers as it allows them to build a high level customer base. This approach was applied again in eSports.

After 2011, more options followed, including adding more games such as Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, World of Tanks, Heathstone, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, Starcraft 2 and Overwatch. Further betting on matchups between maps and live betting were also added.Today Pinnacle has sponsored and even hosted it’s own eSports tournaments.

Since Pinnacle managed to apply their already significant position to eSports at the right time, they have become a great place to get into eSports and eSports betting and look set to to grow with what is an incredibly fast growing sport.

Betting on eSports is the same as doing any other Pinnacle Sports bet. Simply choose and event, select an amount of money at the offered odds and receive money proportional to your bet if you win.

Pinnacle Sports also have an eSports betting calendar and many resources that allow you to develop skills and learn the ropes.

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Pinnacle Mobile

Pinnacle also offer mobile betting through their betting app, Pinnacle Lite, which can also be accessed via our exclusive Pinnacle VIP Code.This allows you to make live betting even more effective, without having to use a PC. You can bet from anywhere, set up alerts and visualise odds movements to make the smartest bets at the best times.

If you have a selection of bets ongoing across a range of sports and teams then Pinnacle Lite is especially useful. You can easily deposit and make more money with little to no hassle. You don’t even have to be logged in to build a bet ticket – just build your ticket and the moment you go online the ticket will actualise. Over 25 unique mobile games can also be accessed via Pinnacle Lite, giving you games you wouldn’t be able to play otherwise. The Pinnacle VIP Code can also be used through Pinnacle Lite.

Pinnacle Mobile

Pinnacle Casino

Click on the Casino option to see Pinnacle’s selection of online games. They have over 50 slot games as well as a great many video poker games, table and card games and Bingo and Keno. In the Casino section you can also get 0.3% cashback on all games except Blackjack RNG and Craps. The Pinnacle Mobile Casino, Pinnace Lite, also offers a great deal of the same games so you can play on the go.

Pinnacle Online Casino

Pinnacle’s most popular Casino games are: Mr Caribbean, Goool, ChessMate, Golden Legacy, Jacks or Better 25 Lines, Big Game Safari, Pharoh’s Lost Treasure, Riches of the Sea, Cinema Classics, Golf’n Monkeys, Precious Stones, Blackjack Singlehand, Matsuri, Fortunate Saloon, Blackjack Multihand, Roulette SIngle Zero, Craps, Arabian Oasis, Tropical Aquarium, Lost Ruins Treasure, Arctic Bear and Gem Stones.

Use the Pinnacle VIP Code to get full access to all these games and start playing today!

Pinnacle Live Casino

The Pinnacle Vip Code also gives you access to the Pinnacle Live Casino. Live Casino games allow you to play Casino games from your computer via a Live Video link to a real Casino dealer. This type of game is popular as it feels like playing in a live casino. The Live Casino at Pinnacle offers Baccarat, European and American Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Hold’em. These games are run by a real online dealer and gives you the feel of a land-based Casino.

What types of bets do Pinnacle Sports offer?

1×2 The first type of bet that Pinnacle offer is called the 1×2 bet. This type of bet is typical for a lot of soccer betting. The numbers refer to the factors in the bet – a 1×2 is a bet on 3 outcomes in a soccer match. (1): home win (x): away win (2): away win.

Total Bet

Betting on the total number scored by all players in all teams, according to the type of points under that ruleset. Odds are offered on the total as being both higher or lower than a posted total number.

Team Total

Team total is the same as a normal total bet, but depends on the outcome of only one chosen team. Like the total bet, a given total number is used as the marker against which the numbers will be higher or lower.

Live Betting

Live betting allows the player to watch the event with changing odds based on the events as they transpire. This allows you to put in last minute bets on what you think the result will be based on the performance of the game.


Accumulator bets allow you to combine multiple bets. These bets can be in the same game or across different games. The odds on these multiple bets combine to increase your odds. All predictions must be correct to collect an accumulator bet and this allows for very big wins and a good opportunity to use individual knowledge to your advantage. This type of bet only comes with two options for the odds.

Double Handicap

A double handicap differs from a normal handicap in that it applies and handicap to both contestants at the same moneyline.


A Teaser bet is like an Accumulator, but with the option to adjust the Points Total or Handicap. This can improve your win chance – the odds for the whole teaser are also fixed.


Outright bets are simply betting on who the winner will be in a competition like a league or tournament instead of a single match, like for example the soccer World Cup overall winner.


This type of bet depends on the relative performance of given players, rather than the outright winner. This can be dependent on various factors such as types of scoring within specific parameters.

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Pinnacle Resources

Pinnacle offers a great deal of resources on their website, from educational articles to tools such as Bet calculators.

Bet Calculators

Pinnacle’s bet Calculators make it easy to quickly and easily figure out the numbers you need. Below we break down the different different types of calculators on the Website, how they work and when to use them.

Odds Converter Calculator

There exist a variety of formats in how odds are given, and this makes for a great deal of time consuming maths if you want to compare the real odds across those formats. The Pinnacle Sports Odds Calculator allows you to simply enter the odds in either Decimal, American or Fractional format and instantly convert it.

Bet Calculator

The Stake and Odds for a given bet combination to give you your payout in the case of a win – this gets tricky when you have multiples. Simply enter the Stake and Odds into the Bet calculator and it will generate the Payout instantly.

Arbitrage Calculator

Arbitrage Betting is when you create a bet based on Odds from multiple Bookmakers for a guaranteed profit, as it allows you to bet on different odds on the same event. Unlike most online casinos, Pinnacle encourage Arbitrage betting rather than penalise it they prefer to focus on bet volume.

The Arbitrage Calculator is a very useful tool for this as it takes the guesswork out of what can be one of the most complicated bet types. To use it, simply enter the Odds and Stake as you would for the Bet Calculator and then add the Odds for the alternative outcome, with the option both two-way and three-way bets.The Arbitrage Calculator instantly lets you know if there is an opportunity for an Arbitrage bet.

Margin Calculator

Pinnacle promote the fact that they add low Margins to their bets. The Margin is what the Bookmaker adds on to the Odds offered and is often hard to spot. Simply enter the odds and the Margin Calculator will show not only the what the bookmaker is adding on but also the Probability of the bet.
Handicap Table

Pinnacle provide a Handicap table for the English Premier League. Handicaps are very common in soccer. As with much sports betting, finding undervalued odds is key in soccer, and the Pinnacle EPL Handicap table allows you to see data on performance of a team throughout a season and see if they are consistently outperforming their handicaps. In cases where this is happening, it provides an opportunity to make a profit. The point is not whether the team in question is a top level team that wins everything but rather that they outperform the handicap given to them. Therefore even relatively unsuccessful teams can still outperform the handicap they have been given. The Handicap table offers a percentage of the times the team has outperformed their handicap. The higher the number, the better.

Pinnacle Handicap Table


Pinnacle offer an enormous, easily searchable Glossary of betting terms with well written definitions. This means that the blog articles are not dumbed down and are full of terms that can apply to professional bettors and newcomers alike. It’s well worth sitting down and go through the glossary if you’re interested in betting as just reading it can allow you to become well informed in the betting world just by reading it.

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Customer Support

Pinnacle do not offer a live chat feature for Customer Support but they do provide 24/7 email support. You can email them at any time of the day and get fast feedback on any issues you may be having. Pinnacle pride themselves on providing a top support system which includes a Live Casino with trained dealers ready to help you play at a high level.

By entering the Pinnacle VIP Code you can also access the huge archive of blog posts and glossary they have created to answer any in-depth question you may have. An extremely active twitter account is also available to answer questions and give information on upcoming promotions.

Pinnacle Banking and Payment

Payment is fast and easy and can be done through either Bank Wire deposit (AB Nordea Bank) or Skrill.

Pinnacle absorbs all payment processing fees regardless of the method used to pay. However it’s important to bear in mind the deposit rollover rule – the initial deposit amount must be matched by three times the deposit amount. Not doing this incurs a 3% payment processing fee for deposits and withdrawals.

That said, it’s very easy to deposit and withdraw from Pinnacle. There are a number of payment and withdrawal methods you can use. Pinnacle’s Mobile Casino, Pinnacle Lite also offers a variety of easy to apply payment methods you can use.

The payment options are in part determined by the currency you choose to use – there are currently 20 currencies available. Payment methods currently include:

  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • Sofort
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • E-Cheque
  • Entropay
  • Ecopayz
  • iDebit
  • Instadebit
  • Instant Banking
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Webmoney
  • Trustly Bank Transfer
  • Various options supporting Chinese Yuan Renmimbi

Pinnacle Blog

Pinnacle has one of the best and biggest Blogs in the online betting world. As we’ve discussed, Pinnacle sell themselves on attracting and developing smart bettors via no limits and better odds, which may come across as a disadvantage in terms of making money for them but translates to bet volume. Getting serious bettors in this way who expect to make money allows them to adopt a more long term strategy for repeat bettors, which in turn balances out the lower margin on bets.

The keys to this strategy is educating bettors, which improves trust and leads to bettors joining Pinnacle on the basis of understanding how to make intelligent wagers. An excellent blog is a key factor.

Deep Author Stable

Pinnacle have 12 resident authors and they are known for regularly bringing in guest authors. This includes experts in a variety of sports from boxing to basketball to tennis, as well as overall betting experts and senior members of the organisation. Consequently, in-depth strategy articles are published alongside guides to upcoming sports events, on which Pinnacle often offers special promotions.

It’s entirely possible to become very informed about betting by reading Pinnacle’s blog – the articles on betting psychology in particular offer valuable insights on how to identify typical patterns of behaviour within oneself that are common to betting. Psychology in betting is crucial to understanding as it applies to personal actions as well as how betting itself works: odds are given according to how certain events are perceived and understanding how odds themselves will be perceived over time is the key to anticipating how to position oneself in the market.

From the blog you can expect consistent, high quality, relevant posts and are well worth reading to increase your chances in not just betting in general but also in the specific opportunities presented at Pinnacle. Use the Pinnacle VIP Code now and apply the vast wealth of information as you play.

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