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Bookmaker Bonus Codes

Use the following Bookmaker Bonus Codes Guide to learn everything you need to know about sportsbook bonus codes and ensure that you get access to all the best bonuses available in the UK online market!

Bonus codes have become prevalent in the online bookmaking industry, with almost every single Sportsbook offering some sort of bonus to attract and retain users. Bonus codes come in many forms and vary in structures. While most bonus codes for sportsbooks are deposit bonus codes, insurance and free bet bonus codes are also very popular. These bonus codes are a great way to introduce yourself to sportsbooks and a fantastic method of getting a head start on your betting.

Bookmaker Bonus Codes

What Are the Sportsbook Bonus Codes?

A bonus code is a written word or phrase which when applied to a bonus code field when registering or depositing will provide users with an extra incentive. An example of a bonus code can be seen at Pinnacle Sportsbook where the bonus code ‘VIPMAX’ can be typed in during registration to activate a VIP Bonus for all new users on the sportsbook.

The difference between bonus code promotions and all other promotions is the need to apply the bonus code before the promotion is activated. Thus the code itself is very important to reap the rewards of the promotion. Other promotions may automatically apply bonuses on registration or deposit but bonus code promotions MUST have the bonus code applied prior to activation.
Bonus Codes are also used to track different offers. For example, a casino might have a number of different offers they’re currently promoting. They can find out which offer is doing the best by using bonus codes. Affiliates to casinos may also give out special bonus codes which can measure the number of new users they provide to casinos.

Where To Find Bookmaker Bonus Codes?

Sportsbook bonus codes can be found primarily in the Promotions section of most online bookmakers. There are bonus codes however that are not found in the promotions section of bookmakers. These special bonus codes usually come in conjunction with certain sites. To acquire these bonus codes users will have to search for bonus codes or visit sites specific to bonus codes, which provide these special codes to their readers constantly.

Use Pinnacle VIP Code

Why Use Sportsbook Bonus Codes?

The advantages of using bonus codes are quite obvious– they give users the chance to gain a free bonus. While the bonus can come in many forms, the underlying theme of all codes is that users are given something that they wouldn’t have received without the code.
Bonus codes are also a great way to start off on a new bookmaker. The bonus money or free bets give new users the opportunity to make some errors without being left without a balance or make some huge winnings with some get placed bets.
With no real downside from using bonus codes, the real question is why not use a bonus code?

How To Use the Sportsbook Bonus Codes

How to use a specific bonus code will depend on type of code and how the site sets up the bonus code process. For example a Welcome Bonus will require new users to enter the bonus code during the registration or deposit process. In most cases a separate field will be provided where the bonus code must be typed in to activate the bonus. On occasion a code will already be typed into the bonus code field which will not require any addition to activate.

Pinnacle VIP Code

Use the following step-by-step example of a bonus code being applied at Pinnacle Sportsbook to get an idea of what will be required to use a bonus code:

  1. First you will need to visit the online bookmaker site on an updated browser of your choice such as, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari. You may also visit the site via your mobile browser. Click on the ‘Join Now’ button which can be found at the top of the homepage.
  2. Either a registration form will pop-up in your browser or you will be transported to a new page with a form.
  3. You will be required to fill out the form with your personal details and create a unique username and password combination which will be used to login to your betting account. Personal details will usually be fields like: Full Name, Date of Birth, Mailing Address, E-mail Address, Telephone Number.
  4. If a bonus code is applicable a field will be available that reads along the lines of ‘Promo Code’ or ‘VIP Code.’ Make sure you type in the bonus code in this field. In the case of Pinnacle as seen below the bonus code is ‘VIPMAX’ which has been typed into the VIP Code field.
  5. After applying the bonus code you must accept the terms and conditions of the site and click on the ‘Create Account’ button.
  6. Your bonus will now be activated in your account. If it is a deposit bonus extra bonus money will be added to your account after you make your deposit. If it is a no deposit bonus, you will receive the money straight away!

Remember to always carefully take down your bonus codes or cut and paste the bonus code directly into the field to make sure you don’t miss out on any promotions.

Types of Bonus Codes

Bonus codes can be offered to players in a variety of forms. Most bookmaker bonus codes will provide bonus money, free bets, insurance or deposit bonuses. The following is a list of all the different types of sportsbook bonus codes and how they apply.

1) Deposit Bonus Codes

Deposit Bonus Codes are probably the most popular among sportsbooks. They involve users making a deposit on the site to unlock a corresponding amount of free bonus money. For example, a user may be given a deposit bonus code that gives them a 100% bonus on up to $100. In this case a user will be be matched a 100% on the money they deposit, thus if they deposit $50 they will receive an extra $50 in bonus money. A minimum amount of money to activate a deposit bonus may also be set in place.

The most common form of deposit bonus codes come in the form of Welcome Bonuses. Welcome Bonuses are restricted to new users and apply to the first deposit they make. In some cases extra bonuses will extend into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th deposit. Welcome Bonuses in most cases require user to use the bonus code when registering at the bookmaker.

Online Bookmakers may give out deposit bonuses in certain time periods as well. For example users may be given the opportunity to make deposit on a certain day to receive bonus money. Make sure you look out for deposit bonus offers and bonus codes in the ‘Promotions’ tab of your online bookmaker.

deposit bonus

2) No Deposit Bonus Codes

No deposit bonus codes aren’t as common as deposit bonus codes but can be found from time to time with certain bookmakers. With no deposit bonus codes users will not be required to make a deposit before they receive any bonuses. They will be required to register for an account at the online bookmaker however.

Most no deposit bonus codes will give users a free bet. The bet will have a limit and will be required to be placed within a certain number of days after you’ve created your account. Bonus money can also be awarded to players in the form on a no deposit bonus. In this case, a set amount of money will be disclosed before you use the bonus code which will be received on the completion of registration.

No deposit bonuses are the ideal way to gauge a bookmaker without having to make any commitments. While no deposit codes are rare, they can be found if you keep a look out. Make sure you take advantage of any no deposit bonuses you find– there’s nothing to lose and all to gain.

3) Free Bet Bonus Codes

Free bet bonus codes give users a free bet either when they make their first deposit or in the case of no deposit bonuses, when they finish registration. Free bet bonus codes will generally give users one free bet which is will have a set maximum amount which can be wagered. Limitations to which sports can be bet on and the odds of the bet will also be set by most online bookmakers.

Free bet bonus codes can be found on many of the top sportsbooks and are ideal for users who have a specific bet in mind when they are registering at a site.

free bet

4) Insurance Bonus Codes

Insurance bonus codes are yet another popular type of bonus offer that are given out by top sportsbooks. Insurance bonuses involve players making a risk free bet or receiving money back if their bet loses. Insurance bonus codes most commonly apply to first bets on a site. An example of a Insurance Bonus would be a offer that gives players the chance to bet up to $100 with their first bet and receive $100 in bonus money if their bet loses. The percentage of money that will be given back with insurance may vary.

The difference between insurance bonus codes and free bet bonus codes is that insurance bonus codes will give back money in the form of bonus money if you lose the bet and allow players to keep their money as non-bonus money if the bet wins. Free bet bonuses on the other hand will always give users winnings in the form of bonus money.
Insurance bonus codes may also be referred to as refund bonus codes.

5) Refer A Friend Bonus Codes

Refer a friend bonuses are incentives given to users to refer a bookmaker to their friends. This will generally happen via e-mail and will require the friend to use the link provided via e-mail to register and make a deposit on the site. A bonus code may also be supplied that will be needed to be typed in when registering on the site.
Refer a friend bonuses will usually provide both the user and the friend referred with bonus money or other incentives. Make sure you check your bookmaker for a refer a friend bonus code if a friend is looking to join the same site– it will be profitable for everyone involved.

6) Mobile Bonus Codes

On occasions mobile bonus codes are given out by bookmakers which can only be accessed by playing using a mobile device on a mobile app. These bonuses are focused on bringing users to the mobile app. If you prefer playing via mobile device then mobile bonuses can be an ideal way to make some extra bonus money.


7) Individual Sports Bonus Codes

Most sportsbooks will have bonus codes which apply to certain sports. For example a site may have a bonus code which applies only to football bets. In such a case the bonus code may even specify a certain league which must be bet on to qualify for the bonus.

Individual sports bonus codes may also come in the form of insurances or special bets which are specific to the sport. For instance a football bonus code may give users the ability to get their money back if the match ends in a draw, or if the winning goal is scored in injury time.

Look out for bonus codes the involve your favorite sports for some extra opportunities.

8) Casino Linked Bonus Codes

One thing you may notice when visiting bookmakers is that casino games are also available on many the sites. These bookmakers generally allow players to use their betting account balance to also play casino games on their interface. In such as case a bonus code may be linked to casino games which will provide bonus money that can be used on specific games or free spins which may be used on slots titles.

Casino linked bonus codes are perfect for users who are looking to enjoy some casino games as well as place bets on at a sportsbook.

casino bonuses

9) Recurring Bonus Codes

Some of the bonus codes can be used several times for recurring bonuses and promotions. These bonus codes can be redeemed again and again for more and more bonuses whenever they are re-applicable. Subscribing to sportsbook newsletters and emails is a great way to keep track of when theses recurring bonus codes come back into activity.

10) Exclusive Bonus Codes

Some bonus codes are specially negotiated and formed for certain affiliates of the sportsbook. These exclusive bonus codes are only given out by the certain affiliates but are still entirely free. These codes are usually more lucrative than normal bonus codes offered.

Now that you know all the different types of bonus codes start searching for the right bonus code for you right away!

Bookmaker Bonus Codes – Requirements

All bonuses offered by bonus codes will have bonus requirements which must be fulfilled before any bonus money may be withdrawn from the site. Some of the most popular bonus requirements are wagering requirement and time limits. Location requirements and bet requirements may also be in place for certain bonus codes.

Wagering Requirements
Wagering requirements refer to the amount of money that should be placed in bets before bonus money may be withdrawn from your account. For example, if a bonus has a wagering requirement of 10x the bonus and the bonus money acquired from the bonus code is $10, then the player must make bets of $100 before they may withdraw the bonus money.

It is important to note that most wagering requirements will have a minimum odds which the wagers must fulfil in order to count towards the requirement. Generally odds under 1.50 will not be considered towards wagering requirements. Restrictions on which sports and types of bets which may count towards the wagering requirement may also be in effect at many sportsbooks. For example for soccer bets, bonus codes may not allow for bets such as Asian Handicap, Goal Line markets and in-play bets.
Make sure you read the wagering requirements under the terms and conditions before using bonus codes.

Time Requirements
Certain Sportsbooks may require that wagering requirements be fulfilled in a specific time period. Or that the offer must be claimed within a certain period after making your qualifying deposit. If the time period requirements are not fulfilled then the bonus may be forfeited. If you decide to make a withdrawal from your account before the wagering requirements are fulfilled then your bonus money may be again forfeited.

Locations Requirements
Note that all bonus codes may not be used in every country. To make sure a bonus code is valid in your territory read through the terms and conditions and make sure your country or territory is not in the list of countries not eligible for the bonus.

Bonus Maximums
Some bonus code offers may set a maximum which can be earned in bonus money. This cap on money earned will not apply to your non-bonus money.

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Which Bookmaker Bonus Codes Are The Best?

While which bonus code is the best can be debated, no deposit bonus codes clearly have the most upsides. A no deposit bonus code gives players the opportunity to make money without any risk. This is why no deposit bonus codes are among the most rarest and most coveted of all bonus codes. If you come across a no deposit code to a legitimate bookmaker you should make sure you take advantage of the opportunity.

Deposit bonus codes can also be very lucrative. Some bonus codes will provide more bonus money to users which seems like the most obvious upside, however, a low wagering requirement can be just as lucrative. With low wagering requirements users will not need to make a high volume of bets before they can make withdrawals from the site. So for example if a bookmaker is offering a 200% bonus on $100 with a 50x wagering requirement and on the other hand a bookmaker is offering a 100% bonus on $100 with a 5X wagering requirement, you should take into consideration how many successful wagers you would have to make before you can actually get money off the site. While you would receive $200 from Bonus Code 1, you would also have to make $10,000 worth in bets before you can make a withdrawal. Bonus Code 2 will only provide the user is $100 but will only require $500 in bets before a withdrawal can be made. Make sure you also look into the time limits given by a bonus code. Some bonus codes may require players to meet a wagering requirement in an extremely short period of time, which may result in a forfeit of the bonus if not met.

Another factor to be looking out for when searching for bonus codes is the sports available for betting on the website. While a site may provide you with a great bonus, if you are not familiar with the sports provided by the site the extra money may be fruitless. Sports such as tennis, soccer, basketball and even eSports are among the most profitable for UK based bettors.

In short, when you are looking for the best bonus code you should look for 3 things:

  1. The wagering and time limit requirements
  2. The actual monetary gain from the bonus
  3. The sports and odds available on the site

Sometimes more important than the actual gains from bonuses are the odds available on a site. If the odds are consistently higher than another site, the money that you will gain over a longer period of time will far outweigh any temporary gains from bonus codes. The perfect example is Pinnacle Sportsbook which is currently offering a VIP Bonus Code on registration. The site is known for not providing players with many promotions but the massive up side is that the site will always give you the best odds on all sports. The site also has a great sports selection ensuring you don’t miss out on any of your favorite sporting events. Be sure to take all these factors into consideration when choosing which bonus code to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding bookmaker bonus codes:

Are all bonus codes safe to use?

Bonus codes themselves are safe to use. However, make sure you look into sportsbooks you decide to make deposits on beforehand to ensure you don’t get your money stuck on the site. Look for a UK licence for gambling. Another way to avoid unsafe sportsbooks is to use reputable bonus codes sites to direct you to the best bonus code offers.

What happens if I forget to use the bonus code?

If a use forget to use a bonus code at when needed the bonus will not be activated. In rare circumstances users may contact the support team of a sportsbook and retroactively activate the bonus. The best practice is to make sure you read through the forms carefully as there will always be a field for bonus codes when a sportsbook bonus code is applicable.

Are deposit bonus codes available for all methods of deposit?

The simple answer is yes. Unless a certain deposit method is declared ineligible for use for a bonus code, you may use any of the deposit methods available on a site.

What is the best type of bonus code?

The best type of bonus code can be relative to what you are looking to do on a site. If you are looking to make large bets then a deposit bonus which has a high maximum deposit limit may be the best option. If you are looking to test out a site with smaller bets then a no deposit bonus code will give you the opportunity to make bets without commitments. Keep in mind the wagering requirements will also play a part on the value of a bonus code. If the wagering requirements are high but the bonus money is also high, then users who are looking to make multiple big bets will be able to cover the requirement in sufficient time. On the other hand players looking to make smaller bets might find more success with smaller wagering requirements with less bonus money.

Look for individual sport bonus codes if you are looking to bet strictly on one sport. These bonus codes are generally very lucrative.

Do bonus codes expire?

Yes. Almost all bonus codes expire. Make sure you look into the expiration date of your bonus code so that you don’t miss out. Recurring bonus codes may become valid again seasonally.

Can more than one bonus code be used at the same time?

Most sportsbooks don’t allow more than one promotion or bonus code to be applied at the same instance. There are occasions however where this may be possible when making a deposit. Read the terms and conditions of your bonus code to find out more.

Can money be withdrawn before meeting requirements?

In most cases yes money can be withdrawn from a sportsbook after using a bonus code and before meeting wagering requirements. You must note however that most sportsbooks will also make users forfeit their bonus in doing so. Withdrawals of bonus money can only be made after wagering requirements are fulfilled.

May I use a Casino Bonus Code for a sportsbook?

Usually casino bonus codes can only be used for casino games as they have different wagering requirements. In some case a bonus code will have a universal promotion which allows players to use the same code on betting and casino games at the same site. In such a case wagering requirements will apply differently for casino games and sports betting.

Are there bonus codes to purchase?

Most bonus codes are free to use. However some sites do offer special coupons and bonus codes which can be purchased. Affiliate sites may also sell special subscriptions which will give you access to exclusive bonus codes which you may not otherwise come by.

Sportsbook Bonus Codes – Conclusion

Bookmaker bonus codes may not be as popular as they were 5-10 years ago but they are still being used in the thousands daily on sportsbook sites. The UK in particular has many sportsbooks that give out seasonal and even daily bookmaker bonus codes to their patrons.

While which bonus code is the right one for you may be relative, we can all agree that a bonus code is better than no bonus code. There is no real downside to using a bonus code other than the fact you will be not able to make a withdrawal from your account without forfeiting to the bonus until you have met any turnover requirements. Thus, with no real downside, users should take advantage of any bonus code they can get their hands on.

Hopefully this bookmaker bonus codes guide has shed some light on which codes to look out for and which sportsbook bonus codes are most suitable for your intentions. It’s now time to head out and look for the perfect bonus code for you!